Nursing Accommodation for Nurses coming to Ireland

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Arranging accommodation in Ireland is easy.. When you know where to look and how to organise it!

Accommodation – Short Term and Long Term

There are three principle accommodation types for short term stays:

  • B&B’s – the cheapest
  • Guest House – tend to cost between B&B and Hotel
  • Hotel – usually the most expensive of three

We have a list of accommodation for every major town in Ireland and as well as client locations. Please email us and we will forward a list of accommodation. Alternatively, we can make arrangements on your behalf if required.
You can look for private rented accommodation through local newspapers, real estate agencies or websites.

The following websites offer a good source of rental properties in Ireland:

The quality of rental properties can vary so you should view the property before making any tenancy agreement. It is common for people who have not met before to rent a house together and share the costs of the house, including gas, telephone and electricity bills. You usually pay rent monthly, in advance. An initial deposit of one or two month’s rent is also required.

Tips for Finding Accommodation:

  • Do not view a house alone if possible. A second opinion can be very useful.
  • Choose your co-tenants carefully, if you intend to share a property.
  • Is the location convenient? Check bus routes, local shops, etc.
  • Check for dampness
  • Check that appliances are working i.e. immersion, shower, fridge, tumble dryer
  • Is there a smoke detector/fire extinguisher/fire exit?
  • What are the rubbish/refuge disposal arrangements?
  • Is there a secure place for bikes/cars?
  • Are doors/windows secure and who has access to the keys.
  • Do not sign a tenancy agreement until you are sure you want rent the property.
  • Make sure you get a receipt for the deposit paid and the rent paid.
  • Get the name and number of the landlord for emergencies

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